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Welcome to Avanti Express Limited, going the extra mile

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In our last letter we announced some of the new customers that Avanti had recently started serving. In this email I would like to share what we are doing for one of these new customers in more detail.

Furniture123 was one of the first online furniture retailers in the UK and Avanti Express are proud to be of service.
Alex Reyner


Furniture123 is one of the longest established, and one of the biggest, online furniture retailers in the UK. The management team is made up of people with extensive experience of furniture manufacturing and retailing, marketing, IT, finance and logistics. By combining this experience the founding team realised the new possibilities offered by the Internet in 1999 and has developed and grown the company continuously since then.

As part of their continuous improvement Furniture123 approached Avanti Express to discuss if Avanti could add anything to the Furniture123 service. Avanti is by no means the biggest courier in the UK but has really focused in the last two years on deliveries of bulky items, such as furniture, to residential addresses. This has meant establishing a warehouse big enough to take customers' stock and staff trained and motivated to handle items carefully. Drivers are experts in loading and securing items in the van and making deliveries within 30 minute time slots.
Furniture123 has grown the business based on high quality products at attractive prices and good service. Being one of the largest furniture retailers means having to manage the supply chain from more than 100 suppliers into the warehouse and back out to thousands of customers. Avanti are now involved with a quarter of these suppliers at all stages of the supply chain collecting daily, weekly, fortnightly or an ad-hoc basis, as required, receiving the stock into the warehouse in Manchester and then consolidating that stock into customer deliveries. Online retailing is a very competitive business and one in which consumers have a high expectation for service. Furniture123 has carefully selected partners in manufacturing and the supply chain who will complement their reputation. 
Early each evening the Avanti team plan routes around the UK to deliver orders and collect from suppliers as far apart as Penzance and Aberdeen. Once the warehouse team has the following days picking list they pull together each order and pack the vans and trucks according to the route plan. Most drivers start early as many of Furniture123's customers prefer an early delivery to fit in with work commitments and all customers like the half hour advance phone call from the driver. By breakfast time the logistics team are in touch with the drivers to find out progress and ensure that everything is gong to plan. If there is a deviation from the plan the logistics team will notify the relevant parties and quickly and professionally make alternative arrangements. If a supplier does not have goods ready for collection, for example, Avanti will arrange for collection on the reverse trip or divert another driver who has spare capacity.
Unlike many delivery companies Avanti do not have designated runs on particular days but collect and deliver anywhere in the UK according the needs of Furniture123's customers.
Avanti and Furniture123 have established a bespoke set of documents to communicate orders, status updates, delivery details and invoicing that allows both sides of the partnership to know what is going on with an order at any point in time. The process starts with detailed orders emailed to Avanti with full details of products and delivery and ends up with weekly detailed invoices allowing Furniture123 to fully reconcile orders.
Avanti's mission is to serve Furniture123 and provide support as the company continues to be a leader in its marketplace. 



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Avanti Express Limited, going the extra mile

We provide sameday courier services and specialist courier services for furniture, carpets, flooring, residential deliveries, high value branded goods, bulky goods, publishing and exhibition delivery and setup anywhere in the UK.

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