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thank you2011 has been another busy year for us here at Avanti Express and I would like to thank all of our customers for placing your confidence in us. We have enjoyed serving you and your customers and look forward to continuing to do so in 2012.

Several customers that we have highlighted in our past newsletters have chosen Avanti as part of a programme of continuous improvement, always seeking to provide a better service to their customers. As part our own performance programme we have started a phased implementation of a delivery scheduling, management and tracking system called PodFather. Read more below.

Everyone knows how hard it is to get get a job at the moment and students are no exception. In this edition of our newsletter I am delighted to share how Avanti Express is serving a young innovative company who have succeeded in establishing a profitable, helpful business in the difficult market of student employment.

Alex Reyner

Lizzie Brock of RateMyPlacement.co.uk said “Avanti Express were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the last few months ensuring the distribution of 60,000 guides across the UK, delivered to over 200 separate locations. I have been extremely impressed with their level of customer service and willingness to help, acting quickly and efficiently if ever more guides were requested. Thanks to the team for all their hard work!"

Created by four recent graduates in 2007, RateMyPlacement.co.uk has quickly become one of the leading resources for work placement and internship opportunities and information.

Visitors to the company's website can search through hundreds of the latest work placement and internship opportunities in a wide range of disciplines and industries. The site contains over 8,000 unique student-written reviews on their experiences with employers plus expert advice, forums, blogs and videos on anything and everything to do with work placements and internships.

Not relying on students to visit the website RateMyPlacement.co.uk proactively sends prospectuses to every university in the UK which are then used by the university careers services to help students find paid placements and internships that support and compliment their particular course.

In order to promote and celebrate excellence among employers, universities and students in undergraduate placements and internships www.ratemyplacement.co.uk also runs the National Placement and Internship Awards. This year awards took place in January at Cass Business School, City University, London and were attended by over 200 people from the world of graduate recruitment and higher education. The award for the Best Placement and Internship Employer went to Grant Thornton and Best University Placement or Careers Service was awarded to the University of Huddersfield, School of Computing & Engineering.
The Milk Round is the well known series of on-campus events where companies visit universities around the country in order find the best students to recurit in to their business. RateMyPlacement.co.uk has a presence at most events.

The fulfilment task of getting thousands of prospectuses and over a hundred Milk Round displays delivered on time is delegated to Avanti Express. The printer delivers the pallets of literaure and the stands to our warehouse near Manchester where the logistics staff break down the pallets into individual orders with each university having a specific quantity. As the Milk Round events are organised by an external organisation we have to manage the deliveries to fit in with the events rather than planning our own schedule. Over the past two months we have acheived 100% success against the service criteria.


Some of our customers come to Avanti because they are having problems with their existing courier or logistics partner. Maybe they don't specialise in residential deliveries or two man services or one of the other services that we offer. In many cases however an existing supplier is doing an OK or even a good job but the company wants better so they search the Internet for a specialist service provider and find Avanti Express. And we're no different to our customers in that although we believe we offer a good service we are always trying to do better.

Following a period of reviewing several systems we settled on PodFather integrated delivery backoffice, scheduling and tracking system as suitable for our needs at a sensible cost. The system is web based so staff at our main office are able to view orders at the same time as the warehouse team are producing picking lists and the operations team are calling end delivery customers to confirm delivery times.

PodFather Job Map

As many customers will know from experience working out delivery routes is time consuming and requires experience. We like the way that PodFather presents a geographical display of orders to be delivered but allows flexibitlity for the operator to use their experience rather than scheduling everthing automatically. Jobs within certain areas are allocated to drivers and routes but can easily be swapped due to fast changing nature of the business.

Phase one of our imlementation, job management and scheduling, is nearly complete and we are very happy with the results. In early 2012 we will be implementing the next stage of the plan which is for the drivers to have smart phones connected to the central system to automatically track their location and therefore any adjustments to the delivery schedule can be notified to the end delievery point. The final part of the loop will then be closed as the end customer or driver confirms a succesfull delivery and the system is automatically updated in real time (subject to mobile phone data signal). For those customers who wish to participate in the program later next year we will be able to offer a login for you to see the live status of your jobs.

Many of you are kind enough to give postive feedback on the service we offer but that is no reason for complacency as we seek to further improve our service to you in 2012.

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