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Avanti Express Gold Service

Call free on 0800 634 4391 - no account no problem!

Despite all the warnings of games lanes and road closures across London during the 2012 London Olympics Avanti Express has managed to deliver, on time and in good order, all the items entrusted to us by our business customers. Our customer service team has worked tirelessly to research all the affected traffic routes and avoid restricted areas. We have worked with end customers to arrange early deliveries, after hours deliveries, deliveries to work places and other creative ways to ensure that all the end customers received their deliveries on time.

Of course it's not good enough to only deliver on time. We have received reports that our drivers have been as courteous as ever, delivering furniture to the the end customers room of choice and, of course, with no damanges. I am very proud of all the staff at Avanti Express and know that they will continue to provide a gold level service long after the Olympians have all gone home.

One customer who has kept us busy delivering around London has been Vufold. Read about Vufold, and how we have been serving them, below.

Alex Reyner

Vufold Premier Sliding Folding Doors 

Martin of Vufold said "We use Avanti because they offer Vufold and our customers a very fast, reliable and overall excellent service. We've been impressed with Avanti’s can do attitude and we hope to continue to build our relationship, working together to meet our customer’s needs."

Vufold approached Avanti Express with a view to improving the service that they could offer to customers. The folding, sliding doors that Vufold manufacture are premium products and customers require a premium service. Avanti were approached because we could provide express deliveries, to congested areas whilst maintaining high levels of customers service and very low levels of damages.

Due to the size and value of the doors we almost always provide a two man service and deliveries are usually to residential addresses. If installers are on site waiting for the delivery our customer service team will ensure minimum time wasted waiting for the delivery. For the larger sets of doors the weight can be close 500 KG so the way the doors are packed and strapped is crucial to ensuring no damages.

The Vufold directors launched Vufold folding sliding doors in 2005 because they were convinced that the patio door market was ready for something different than traditional hinged French doors or sliding doors. They saw that expansive, versatile and secure external glass doors were increasingly sought after, regularly featuring on TV DIY and home renovation programmes. They recognised that people love the simplicity and versatility of the folding sliding doors concept, but were limited by the cost and complexity of the traditional patio doors on the market.

Their answer was to design a top quality, robust system of folding doors which combines the detail and workmanship of bespoke sliding doors, but at off-the-shelf prices. So the customer gets a top quality folding sliding engineered timber door set that doesn’t cost the earth. Vufold folding sliding door sets and French door pair sets are crafted in a specialist, state-of-the-art woodworking factory.

The factory uses the latest hi-tech machinery to produce Vufold folding sliding doors and frames to a very high and consistent standard, and because they produce their sliding doors in large numbers, they’re able to keep prices down to an affordable level.

The Vufold folding sliding doors and French door pair sets are available in many sizes from 4ft to 16ft across the available ranges. Click here or on the image above to visit the Vufold website.

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