Carpets, Flooring & Artificial Grass Delivery

Carpets Flooring Artificial Grass DeliveryDelivering carpets, other types of flooring or artificial grass to residential or commercial locations poses a number of problems that your average express courier just can’t cope with!

Avanti Express has the experience with delivering a wide range of carpets, rugs and artificial grass across the UK mainland. We phone the end customer to arrange delivery at a suitable time. After that our professional two man teams make the delivery to a place of choice and get signed confirmation and acceptance.

We use long wheel base vans that allows us to collect and deliver up to 4 metres of cut length rolls.

If you have ordered a carpet, rug or artificial grass from a company that doesn’t deliver, or you have just bought an item on eBay then call us for a quote.

If you are a flooring manufacturer or retailer, we can collect the flooring from your factory as often as required and deliver to your customers’ homes.

If you are an internet seller, we can even receive imported items from different countries directly into our Manchester warehouse, store the goods and then deliver to residential or commercial properties across the UK.

Does your business require an individual approach? Give Avanti Express a call on our freephone number, 0800 634 4391, or complete a ‘Quick quote’ and our friendly professionals will be happy to discuss this with you.